For several years, the City of Santa Barbara has been struggling to repair our streets, fill potholes, earthquake retrofit local bridges, upgrade outdated emergency communications systems, while maintaining essential police, fire and 911 emergency medical response as well as other essential city services.


Almost 10 years ago, a citizen’s task force recommended that the City ask voters to approve a local sales tax increase to provide local funding to address our critical infrastructure needs.

Loss of State Funding

Over the past five years, the state has taken more than $20 million a year ($100 million so far) in City funding to help balance the state budget.

There simply are not enough local financial resources to repair critical infrastructure and provide the essential services that residents need and want. Our roads and buildings are crumbling, and are only becoming more expensive to fix.

Now is the time to act.

Sales tax in Santa Barbara is currently below other cities of similar size and character.

Sales Tax Chart 7-1-17